In the case of economic collapse, the globe will be thrown into mass chaos. Inflation could cause the nine factor. Three days without food, and people will be rioting in the streets. This could occur if the inflation makes currency worthless. Look at post WW1 Germany. Children playing with blocks of useless German Marks. People burning it for warmth. This is all that could happen. Look at Greece. They have a debt of 120% compared to GDP in 2010. The US is experiencing the same situation. Mass bank bailouts. Layoffs . Forclosures, all of this just getting worse, and no sign of fast recovery in unemployment.

In a post- economic collapse world, bullets and food will be currency. No one will want gold, or silver. That is what caused the collapse. There will be diseases rampage, with no definite medical care, or definite vaccinations.

Though realistically before total collapse the government's would Institute life or death programs such as the New Deal, Social Security, welfare, minimum wage, etc.

Even post collapse, economies generally will dip into corrupt third world before realigning itself to modernization.