List of Post-Apocalyptic Blogs and Websites

This is a list of sites whose content primarily focuses on aspects of the post-apocalyptic genre.

Site Description Featuring a collection of RSS and Atom feeds from over 40 sites featuring post-apocalyptic and zombie content displayed in a singe unified stream of newly added items.
Post-Apocalyptic Forum If it involves nuclear war, pandemic, economic collapse, natural disaster, alien invasion, machine revolution, global warming, cosmic rays, zombie apocalypse, astronomical impact, animal revolt, science gone wrong, or any combination of the above, discuss it there. Post-Apocalyptic blog featuring book reviews and other items related to the genre.' Post-Apocalyptic URL shortening service. Helping to spread PA news and information around the web in as few characters as possible. In depth reviews and news of fims in the post-apocalyptic and horror genres. "We're fans first and journalists second."
Cozy Catastrophe All things apocalyptic Official live chat of the Post-Apocalyptic Forum
TWO JOURNEYS Blog about survival in a post-apocalyptic world and the novel TWO JOURNEYS

How To Be Prepared

Are you prepared for survival if doomsday comes?? Information on foods that keep, supplies you will need, survival advice, shelter tips, disaster advice and more.
Soulless Episodic fictional blog detailing the accounts of a survivor of an apocalyptic event in NYC.
Days Ago Diary A blog diary from the perspective of a survivor. ZOMBIES!
It Is Upon Us A new blog about a normal person trying to survive in the apocalypse.
Ash Tales The final resting place of post apocalyptic fiction, showcasing original short stories from the genre's newest writers. 

The Apocalypse Post

A Video Channel covering all the latest Post-Apocalypse News (from the real world and the culture), Reviews, and Interviews.  New videos every 2 weeks

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