SURVIVAL in a post-apocalyptic world.

No matter what the apocalyptic situation may be, there are certain necessities for survival.

1. Shelter- A person must have either a semi-permanent shelter or become nomadic. This will depend on the particular apocalypse.

2. Common Sense- In todays world, most people can get by without it...haha...but in a post-apocalyptic world, common sense becomes the fourth need of survival.

3.Weapons- obviously the best weapon will be somthing small and powerful- a pistol or sub machine gun. But that doesnt mean an assult rifle or just your average rifle or shotgun would be a bad thing to have near by. Also its a good idea to have a good sized knife on your belt and maybe some type of explosive.

4.Food and water- Depending on the apocalypse, bottle water and purification tablets would be good to have in your shelter. Keeping a few tablets in your pack wouldnt hurt. Home made filters can be good to have to. As far as food goes, non parishable items....- canned food, and dried food...also anything with lots of calories and carbs. Carbs=Energy!

5.Shelter- if you are going for a more permanent shelter, somthing very strong is suggested. Something with strong doors walls a roof and locks. For a nomad, a simple tent will do but is certainly not the best choice. Campers make easy shelters but in a post-apocalyptic world, gas will be hard to find and in this case a camper must be pulled by a vehicle.

Protection- This ranges in everything from snares and spike pits to C4 and claymores