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The Pentacle represents the five points of survival equipment that must be at the ready at all times


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Apocalypse man rudy reyes joule heating

Joule heating put to practice

Another, perhaps more inventive form of tinder is steel wool. Steel wool is typically bundled in a way that's very rough and coarse. To ready it for lighting, portions of the wool should be frayed with your hands until a relatively fuzzy outer layer forms. Be careful, as this new fuzzy layer is what's going to easily catch fire. A lighter or matchstick can now be used to ignite the filaments, creating a small but persistent fire that can more reliably burn kindling and fuel. Alternatively, a 9-volt battery works just as well by swiping the the connectors against the fuzzy wool. This is known as "joule heating" (not "jewel heating"). The rapid friction between the battery's power source and the steel wool conductor causes sparks to form from the heat, which can substitute a small flame from a lighter.

Blade Edit

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/// Credit for the concept of the Pentacle goes to "Illuminati Elite Commando" of OPERATORchan ///